IMAGO GALLERIES Exhibition | Artist Lorreta Yang

Lorreta Yang, Starting May 2nd

Imago Galleries presents Loretta Yang’s museum-collected artworks from “Formless, but not without Form” (1999) , “The Flowers are Beautiful, and the Moon is Full” (1999), and “Proof of Awareness” (2006) collection altogether in US for the first time! Exhibition starting from May 2nd, 2014 at Imago Galleries in Palm Spring.

About Imago Galleries

Founded in 1991, Imago Galleries is considered one of the West Coast's premier contemporary galleries. Often mistaken for a boutique museum, the 18,000-square-foot gallery also has a sculpture garden and terrace. More than an architectural icon, owner Leisa Austin strives for curatorial excellence in bringing groundbreaking exhibitions of the highest caliber to the desert, as Imago Galleries celebrates 20 years on the West Coast art scene.

Loretta Yang | Exhibition Starting Friday, May 2nd

Imago Galleries presents Loretta Yang, contemporary Chinese artist and pioneer within the field of Liuli art. In 1987, Yang was a founder of Liuli Gong Fang, a contemporary glass studio in Taiwan dedicated to traditional Chinese glassware. The name originates from Liuli, an age-old form of Chinese glasswork which the studio sought to revive. After many years and much trial and error, Yang was able to master the pâte-de-verre or lost-wax casting method for creating her glassworks, which she continues to this day. Typically used in metal sculpture, the lost-wax casting method is a process in which a facsimile of a sculpture is cast from an original work. Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, her works are the medium for a metaphysical message surrounding concepts of impermanence and the freedom of the now.

Works by the artist are featured in the permanent collection of London's Victoria and Albert Museum and the Palace Museum in Beijing's Forbidden City. In 2001, The Bowers Museum exhibited Trilogy of Glasswork, where Yang was exhibited alongside the renowned artist Dale Chihuly.

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