Design Concept: LIULI Prayer Wheel

The beginnings of enlightenment at the ends of your fingertips: the LIULI prayer wheel

Form is non other than emptiness; Emptiness is non different than form.
Form is emptiness; emptiness is form. 

The only constant feature of modern life is its unrelenting pace. We arise each day to scroll through stories of a delicate planet wasted by conflict and haunted by blasted dreams. In our own lives, we are worn down by stress while chasing our ambitions. We struggle to care for our loved ones through crises large and small, and the economy’s rising and falling tide. We are transfixed by news of the latest catastrophe, and forget the wisdom of centuries gone by. 

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    But in all this chaos, we often forget that our world is not new and others have come before us. They have fought our struggles, suffered our tragedies, and voiced the same question that we do now: how can I find peace in a broken world? In ancient times, the philosophy of Buddhism yielded an answer to this question that was simple and profound. To escape from the stress of existence and step onto the path toward enlightenment we must understand that our lives and all matter are nothingness, because emptiness itself is form, and all form is emptiness. Through careful, patient practice, we can work to cultivate the qualities of the Buddha in ourselves, while we meditate to release all pain and tap into a wellspring of joy and kindness that comes from within and never runs dry.

    Everlasting Will of Dharma
    Great Compassion Dharani Mantra
    Height: 20.30" inches

    Living in Peace
    Heart Sutra
    Height: 10.04" inches

    Long ago, people had to journey for days or even months to learn the teachings of Buddhism. They retreated to temples high in the mountains or deep in the country to dedicate themselves to study. Buddhists gradually developed the powerful tradition of reading sutras to focus their minds and meditate on their meaning. Later, the sutras were inscribed around mounted revolving cylinders, known as “prayer wheels.” These wheels were heavy, and they were often attached to the temples where they had been made. Practitioners of Buddhism would come to spin the prayer wheels in silent contemplation instead of reading the sutras. Even today, the tradition lives on, and each spin of a prayer wheel is believed to be every bit as meritorious as reciting the sutra written on it. 

    Recital of Peace
    Six-Character Great Bright Mantra
    Height: 11.02" inches

    Pure Heart Revolution
    Heart Sutra
    Height: 5.91" inches

    You can welcome this meditative tradition into your own modern life without any special instruction — you don't even have to be a Buddhist! You only need to stop to enjoy the mindfulness of spinning the wheel. Let your fingertips caress its smooth crystal glass surface as it turns. Allow yourself to be present in this very moment, and gently set aside your cares to focus on the truths of existence. With one of our prayer wheels, any room can become a place of contemplation, peace and refuge.

    Here at LIULI, we are delighted to share this tradition with you. May you draw deeply from its benefits as calmness and mercy shine from each step you take. We wish you luck on a journey bound to bring you wisdom and joy.


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