Why Glass? - Redefine Glass Art: The Must Know 12 Glass Artists

We have faith that glass possesses the ability to convey our thoughts and emotions on life. - Chang Yi 

We believe in art because art is interlaced with our very beings. Whether it is an idea, an emotion or a person, it serves as a statement on the universe and life.

Is LIULI art? Can it be art? Just as the validity of oil painting is never questioned yet the validity of a simple drawing is, we feel that this type of question misses the point. Our only concern is whether or not glass art is the art of the people. Does it reflect our thoughts in this world? If not, then all glass creations are mere indulgences of technique.

LIULIGONGFANG's CEO, Chang Yi, also the curator of Why Glass? exhibition, through the years of glass art collection. He redefines the meaning of glass art and introduce the twelve remarkable glass artist which influence the technique and the culture of glass art.


Emile Galle
1846-1904, French

French artist who worked in glass, and considered to be one of the major forces in the French Art Nouveau movement.

Francois Decorchemont
1880-1971, French

Developed a new techniques in stained glass, particularly in the use of crystal to give multicolored and faceted panes.

Kyohei Fujita
1921-2004, Japan

Best known for his glass boxes with complicated surface decorations.

Antoine Leperlier
1953-, French

He learned the technique of pate de verre from his grandfather, Francois Decorchement. In 1981, he was awarded the Foundation de France award. 

Chang Yi
1951-, Taiwan

Chang's traditional craft art with distinctive and insightful views on People, Life and Culture.

Loretta H.S.  Yang
1952-, Taiwan

Yang created sculptured works in glass which are richly imbued with a traditional Chinese artistic and human philosophy.
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Steven Weinberg
1954-, USA

Weinberg focuses on the optical, transparent, and reflective qualities of glass in his solid, kiln-cast sculptures.

Toots Zynsky
1951-, USA

Toots Zynsky is known for her distinctive “filet de verre” technique that fuses threads of glass to achieve unmatched explorations of color.

Paul Stankard
1943-, USA

Considered the father of modern glass paperweights. He integrated mysticism with botanical realism giving the glass organic credibility.

Ann Wolff
1937-, Lubeck, Germany

Parallel to her works in glass, she finds her way and time which shares the intense emotional images and her sculptural forms are "expressive, intimate, lyrical and heroic".

Jay Musler
1949-, USA

Jay has been recognized as an innovative force in the glass arts for decades, having twice been awarded fellowships by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Stanislav Libensky
1921-2002, Czech Republic
Spouse: Jaroslava Brychtova
1924-, Czech Republic

Their works are included in many major modern art collections.

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