"Free Mind" Paperweight - Exclusive Gift for Online Shoppers

* This special gift is exclusively for our online shoppers only. You cannot buy this anywhere else!!!

Color: Brown Clear
Dimension: 3.62"L x 1.65"D x 3.43"H inches (9.20 x 4.20 x 8.70 cm)
Technique: Pate de Verre (Lost Wax Casting)
Limited Edition: Exclusive for online shoppers with purchase of $560 or more (while supply last)

Uncovering LIULI in This Mortal World - Free Mind series

We seeks to explore the world we live in through the eyes the artists and through the manifestation of their liuli (glass) art.

Could LIULI be reintroduced to and revived within the many facets of modern Chinese culture?
This is a dream of Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi.

"Every great craft has its rise and fall. The brilliant light of liuli has shone through thousands of years of Chinese history," Chang says. "Perhaps we can do more than revive an art. We can also maintain a cultural spirit by learning to respect the tradition. Through liuli sculpture, we tell Chinese stories and convey the message of the significance of inheriting the past and passing the emotion on to future generations."

琉璃之人間探索 — 自在文镇




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