A Touch of Red - Part IV of IV

Updated: August 11, 2015

Part IV: On the Collection-A Touch of Red

In the past two weeks, we have discussed the finer points of traditional Chinese landscape painting. We have explored the social and artistic impact of Modernism. And we have also peeked a glance at the life and times of studio glass artist, Chang Yi. This brings us to the final installment in our narration—an overview of the collection, “A Touch of Red.”

“Life is but a dream—illusory and ephemeral. Yet in the heart, a permanent touch of red.”

-Chang Yi

"Clouds of the Heart," from the collection, "A Touch of Red"

Speaking fluent Song and Modernism, Chang Yi created “A Touch of Red” to express the hearts of the Contemporary movement. This innovation follows in the footsteps of the aforementioned Modernist masters such as Zao Wouki; only, Chang has transmogrified its expression to suit the medium of glass. Such transformations include recomposing and re-firing multiple layers, producing a multidimensional effect unlike any art preceding it. As a result, appreciating the art pieces also become a matter of appreciating the medium.

"Deep Awakening," from the collection, "A Touch of Red"

“Chang Yi’s new work embodying various painterly approaches and the long shanshui tradition in the medium of cast glass is a really interesting development. It invites reflection on the dynamic relationship of exterior and interior space, outside and inside, as only glass can do.”

-Andrew Brewerton, Curator

With an expert understanding of flow, material, and light, Chang effortlessly creates movement within glass that turn into grand sceneries. These images of mountainscapes, night skies, sunrises, and vast lakes are more so invoked in the person viewing it than in the medium itself. In other words—through the work; in your imagination. Stepping forward, vibrant hues birth details that add even more piquancy to one’s imaginings. Dots, cracks, lines and blurs might guide your line of sight in a journey through an indeterminable place, if but only to bring you full circle to the beginning of your dreams.

These entirely new means of understanding art, incidentally, revisits the impressionist ideology of understanding oneself. And that is what “A Touch of Red” truly speaks of. They are a place in our dreams, sincere, passionate, and hopeful. That place is always graced with an indelible mark, a touch. It may be big or small, it may be red or even blue. To Chang Yi, that “touch of red” is here to stay.

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