A Touch of Red: Jessica's Take

The touching interpretation of art scholar and LIULI gallery staff, Jessica Tsai.

See below for English translation.

Posted: August 21, 2015
By: Jessica Tsai




我從作品中和執行長的那一句文字-"人生如夢幻泡影 心中仍有一抹紅",感受到執行長對這個變幻無常的人生裡,懷有的一份覺醒;覺醒著:隨時提醒自己不要被境界所轉,無論人生境緣的變幻莫測,



English Translation

When considering how art is most often appreciated, especially since art can be abstract or representational, most would first see what colors are used by an artist. They would feel the atmosphere produced by those colors; thereby feeling the messages that the artist is trying to express.

And the atmosphere created by the pieces in “A Touch of Red” can lend appreciators even more space for imagination. But I think we can be even more specific in this regard and allow for greater resonance with viewers.

Perhaps ‘A Touch of Red’ could be described as the kind of artwork that reveals the world and philosophies of humanity.

Through the artwork itself and Chang Yi’s statement—“Life is but a dream—illusory and ephemeral. Yet, in the heart, a permanent touch of red”—I could truly get a sense of his revelation in this ever-changing and dynamic world. The revelation: Constantly remind yourself never to be changed by the world. So despite the challenges faced in this tumultuous world, do not be fazed or altered.

That revelation is one worth celebrating. That touch of red upon each art piece is a full and round red, a happy red, and also one of the three primary colors in art studies. That same touch of red is the most natural form of one’s consciousness, it is also the purest part of an individual’s life. So because of this touch, one can take his life to an entirely new world.

As a senior monk once commented, “A moment of willful thought can exceed the norm and achieve enlightenment; a moment of confusion can render you lost and drifting.” This notion is far from coincidental; it is the same notion that the artist Chang Yi took much time and life experience to realize. It is a notion which brings you to reach a world into which you melt.


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