Horses On The Heavenly Shore

The Mongolian horse is a wild breed originated in Mongolia. Its physical characteristic includes short legs and neck, wide body, heavy head, and good joints. In comparison of its appearances to other horses and mustangs, it may not seem to be as tough or even as strong. However, it’s endurance and reliability are unbeatable. In welcoming the year of Horse, Liuli Crystal Art presents to you a series of horse, leading by our Mongolian horse, Boundless Grandeur. This horse served as the best companion of Genghis Khan, who was a great warrior and emperor, and established the largest contiguous empire in history.

The intricate design of this horse unfolds the glory of a time period. The beautiful and royal armors and decorations on this horse also symbolize its internal power and strength. Although it does not has a tall and handsome look, it is tough against enemies, calm in uncertainties, and always repays its caregiver with incredible endurance, reliability, and friendliness. In creating this versatile “dragon on the earth,” LIULI artists also tried a new approach that was never used before: the golden antler crown is actually removable, and will only be included in orders before the end of 2013.

Horses are also known as “dragons on earth” in ancient Chinese culture, and the Mongolian horse is known to be unchanged since the era of Genghis Khan. It beholds the world with no fear, possessing competence in its true color. It is divine and majestic because its strength comes from within. Such qualities resemble that of a great man; just as what Genghis Khan said, “if you can endure it, the whole world is yours!” 

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