LIULI Takes Johnnie Walker and 2016 to Chinese Mountain Landscapes

Posted:  February 17, 2016


Having partnered with Johnnie Walker since 2013, LIULI Crystal Art recently designed a distinctively Chinese bottle for the world-famous blue label scotch—2016, Year of the Monkey-style.  Released in highly limited edition for the Taiwan market only, this one-of-a-kind whiskey bottle is crafted in the blue and white reminiscent of ancient porcelain.

Despite the delicate look of this porcelain-like glasswork, a brazen spirit and movement emerges through the bold brushwork that outlines the bottle’s monkey king figures.  The Chinese brushworks only adds a deeper dimension to the mountainscape (or “Shan shui” 山水) backdrop, both paying homage to tradition while professing all of our ambitions to climb the mountain peaks of the coming year.

LIULI Corporate Custom Designs

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