A Moonlit, Floral Passage into the Lunar New Year!

Literati shan shui painting is one of the most influential studies within the canon of Chinese art. Showcasing nature through an individual, rather than literal, perspective, the details in these painting reflect the artist’s desires through intuitive composition.

These window designs are inspired by the famed gardens in Jiangnan, specifically the “entryway to the moon grotto” style. The circular door is full, flawless and harmonious like the full moon. The design also envisions a place on earth as aspirational as the Nine Heavens.

Framing the moon entryway are traditional Chinese motifs. This element draws from the “floral window” craft used in traditional Chinese gardens. The linear construction of the frame and the moon entryway create juxtapositions of round and square, reality and illusion.

The relationship between moon entryway and floral window creates a frame that in shan shui painting is referred to as “framed scenery”. Liuligongfang brings this vision to our South Coast Plaza storefront display for an impactful and visually dynamic presentation. This window draws the eye to Liuligongfang’s latest Year of the Pig collection and acts as a guide into our showroom store.

To further highlight the collection, the entire display is wrapped in matte fabric. Mirroring the colors from the customer favorite hand-painted peonies found throughout our store, the effect conveys opulence and everlasting grace.

The Chinese have a saying: one begets two, two begets three, three begets all things. The three characters Bai Fu Man (Full of Hundreds of Blessings) centered within the three conjoined spheres wishes hope, fulfillment and fortune upon all in the new year. The circular moon entryway echoes this sentiment in this most joyous and auspicious season of the Chinese people. 


moon entryway, floral window, couplet, peony

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