Bespoke South Coast Plaza LIULI Works - 3rd Year Running!

We are happy to announce our third year running for South Coast Plaza’s Lunar New Year Gift!  During this exciting holiday season, you can shop and receive a limited-edition zodiac art piece from the shopping center. (Exclusively for this event only.)

2019,Year of the Pig

In Mandarin, pig is pronounced zhu which also sounds like the characters for “blessing” and “all”. This play on words is the inspiration behind this design.

In traditional Eastern culture, the bowl is an everyday object with a beginning and an end. It symbolizes fulfillment and togetherness.

The star of this show is a pig frolicking among a dense tangle of leaves, flowers and two golden pumpkins presented in traditional paper-cut style. Flowers and fruit symbolize the inextinguishable force of life.

The chopstick rest is designed as a pair of joined pumpkins; its vines and leaves form a repeating motif oft used in Eastern design.

2019 猪年




I Am Fortune

Fulfillment and ease,
it all begins with me.
Flowers bloom,
fruits ripen,
our world flourishes interminably.
Here comes the golden pig,
here comes color and life.





Since 1987, LIULIGONGFANG has led Asia in the cultural awareness of LIULI; LIULI LIVING - a progression from LIULIGONGFANG’s creative nature that is principled on Chinese traditional aesthetics brings out the ingenuity of life and presents a distinction in contemporary Asian living.


LIULIGONGFANG believes that glass is a material but also a philosophy and an emotion. In using the Han Dynasty term for glass, we put the emphasis on our definition and expectation of Chinese culture in addition to our philosophies and emotions.


Our definition of living is a personal life attitude, a life style which you chose; one that can be shared with friends and offers self-advancement.


 The Liuli bead is the brand symbol of LIULI LIVING, this symbol of fulfillment represents a design element and an attitude. The vivid orange-yellow color encourages people to embody a positive spirit and to bring “light” into their hearts.


Chang Yi
Founder of LIULIGONGFANG  |  Creative Director of LIULI LIVING

Distinguished Taiwanese film director Chang Yi together with artist Loretta H. Yang left the film industry to pursue the art of contemporary LIULI. Together they established, Taiwan’s first LIULI arts workshop, LIULIGONGFANG. The New York Times has dubbed Chang “Father of the Asia Studio Glass Movement”, emphasizing Chang’s creativity as a union of contemporary LIULI art and traditional craft with unique designs focusing on people, life and culture. LIULI LIVING was founded in 2001 as an extension of LIULIGONGFANG’s design aesthetics, aiming to introduce Oriental arts into a lifestyle concept. The establishment of LIULI LIVING aspires to spread Oriental concepts and culture with a contemporary flair internationally, as well as to continue this revolution of modern LIULI encompassing traditional concepts in the Eastern Arts.

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