Garden Show 2017 - Of Dreams and Gardens



Of Dreams and Garden

Of dreams and gardens.
Of fantasy and poetry.

The hydrangea's light.
Its radiant beam.

Light stretches.
Fantasy forms.


Of Dreams and Gardens

LIULI – Limitless imagination in a limited space

What we hope for is a breakthrough – one that takes the concept of “light” to a new level.

Twilight; dwindling light.  The soft sounds of running water entices you to open that door.  A garden of imagination reveals itself.

Hydrangeas carpet a lush garden bed, their radiance like starlight.  They bloom endlessly, their intoxicating fragrances inviting the frou-frou of skirts.

Light fulfills vitality.  The gardens’ stones emerge from the land’s spirit, one by one complimenting the personalities of each flower blossom while protecting your dreams.  The ancient and revered lotus flower, itself a mystery, echoes the brilliance of life and creation.

A harlequin bar, lantern-chairs, and wine glasses come together to imitate that fleeting moment of caprice in between just-awoken and deep dreaming.

Peony transforms into a screen.  The screen calls to the vivaciousness of Spring.  The spring day beckons you to stay…..

Here, all these elements, within the illusion of a space limited, lend themselves to limitless imagination.  In that blasé spring evening, is it you who comes into the light?  Or is it the light that gives you a dream?

Event: Spring Garden Show
DATE: April 27 - 30, 2017
Venue: South Coast Plaza, Crate and Barrel Wing


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