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The Origins of High Mountain Oolong Tea Set - Beauty You Can Savor

High Mountain Oolong Tea
Limited Edition Tea 120 Sets Only in U.S. 


Since 1987, LIULIGONGFANG has led Asia in the cultural awareness of LIULI;LIULI LIVING - a progression from LIULIGONGFANG’s creative nature that is principled on Chinese traditional aesthetics brings out the ingenuity of life and presents a distinction in contemporary Asian living.

Dating back to the Tang Dynasty, Chajing, or The Classic of Tea, by Lu Yu is the first known monograph on tea. Tea embodies an understated restraint, like a carefree sage, like a modest confidence. It is an example of when one’s nature and life pursuits are in perfect alignment.

To drink tea is to understand life; a silent observation. Teaware selection is a reflection of one’s attitude on life. Good tea opens one’s eyes to what is in front of them.

Chen's tea factory has been in the business of tea for over 70 years. Liuligongfang has partnered with them to bring you two gaoshan (high sea) teas from Taiwan to complement the new 2019 tea sets. Like a deep forested mountain illuminated at night by moon and stars, each set is a world onto its own.

With tea in hand, admire the beauty of the vessel and pay respect to our everyday lives and the people and objects along our path.


1987年之後,「琉璃工房」在亞洲完成了琉璃的文化推廣。 LIULI LIVING,延續「琉璃工房」的創作本質, 深入生活裡的食衣住行,以傳統美學為基礎, 提出生活的創意,呈現全方面的當代華人新文化生活質感。

唐代陸羽《茶經》敘述,精行儉德,是飲茶至境, 茶的內斂沉靜,像自在悠然的智者, 樸而無華,自性發散;本質上與生命的追求,是一致的。

飲茶,是一種對生活的理解與靜觀; 茶器,看見飲者的生活態度; 好茶,能夠讓人看見當下。

LIULI LIVING嚴選,在台製茶有七十餘年經驗的陳氏茶廠,以二款台灣高海拔茶款,和2019新色「朝日金」與「夜星銀」重新詮釋儲茶茶具,象徵將日月星辰山川林木之氣,藏於一方天地。


Contemporary Tea Culture

Tea culture originated in China’s Tang and Song Dynasties. Enthusiasts travelled from Japan and other countries just to learn the way of Chinese tea.

A thoughtful cup of tea unifies the internal and external. It reflects the rituals and aesthetics of an era, as well as one’s psyche. Tea is accommodating, amenable to one’s state of mind and environment.

In this modern day, relaxation is a highly sought after commodity. Yet this state of being has long been discovered - in a cup of tea.  Good tea steeped in modest teaware reflects a nuanced inner peace. Simply by taking stock of life’s everyday moments, one can gain a sense of spiritual elevation and establish a contemporary tea ritual that is unique to you.





Time Traversing Revival of the Tea Aesthetic

LIULI LIVING’s goal was to create a tea canister that would be just as befitting today as it would have been hundreds of years ago by reflecting the spirit of modern tea culture through classic Eastern aesthetics.

The breathtaking craft aesthetic of the Tang and Song Dynasties can be seen in the design, form and color of lifestyle vessels and containers of those times. Porcelain or lacquerware, they displayed a perfect composition and proportion; they were exquisite in their completeness. The perfect arcs and motifs found on mortar and pestles from the Song Dynasty Yaozhou Kiln were inspired by the woven willow water gathering baskets known as the liudou or “willow receptacle”. This is key as water is the body of tea. It is believed that the receptacle used to hold tea recognizes the subtleties between the tea, the vessel and the person drinking.

Lacquerware of Yuan Dynasty dating to the turn of the century are highly influential. The most well-known piece in its class is lacquerware. The lacquerware circular box made by Zhang Cheng was lush in color with intricate carvings and a fine finish. The magnificence of tea culture is epitomized through the grandeur of the peony as it blooms in rings through the etched lacquer.

Springing from LIULI LIVING’s revival of the tea vessel aesthetic is a contemporary tea canister holding only the finest of Taiwan teas. Simulating the lacquerware effect, the shape is based in Song Dynasty tea containers while the pattern is inspired by the liudou. With an ornamental lid in peony relief, it conveys the beauty of craft art and the distant aesthetic of Eastern culture.


LIULI LIVING決定,一只當代的儲茶之器,能跨越時代延續茶的美好,有東方美學的精巧細緻,充滿手感,具有飲茶的現代精神,帶來思考新意。




LIULI  LIVING創作的牡丹柳斗茶罐,以飲茶者的手為丈量思考,恰合單手的舒適握持,整體質感擬取漆器手作凝鍊的溫暖。捨歷代茶罐造型,以宋代茶盞為本,團弧狀身型,柳斗紋為飾,結合牡丹浮雕器蓋,工藝佈局靜美,承傳悠遠的東方禪茶美學。一只儲茶的茶具,更體現人、茶、器之間的微妙。

Containing the Essence of Tea

Perfection exists in every cup of tea steeped.

 LIULI LIVING has set out to revive the aesthetics of teaware and create a contemporary tea canister that complements Taiwan tea. Through injection molding of high quality ABS, we were able to realize a peony design and ribbed liu dou motif that mimic the textural warmth of lacquerware. This is a technical breakthrough. The opaque canister is air-tight, protecting its contents from light and moisture and creating a stable environment to ensure consistency from first to last steep.






Tree, Human, Leaf - tale of the tea

 From a Japanese ruled Taiwan to present day, across three generations and 70 years, Chen's tea factory has cultivated and brought Taiwan’s best teas to the world. From the tea farms of Nantou, Chen's tea factory has grown and harvested teas to their exacting requirements. These teas undergo a stringent quality selection process not once, but twice. This high level of excellence ensures that every pot of tea brewed, every sip of tea tasted, is of utmost quality.

The experts at Chen's tea factory boast a minimum of twenty years working with tea. As much as they are experts in the legacy of tea, they are pioneers in tea innovation. Seeking perfection, the fine details of leaf roasting, temperature control and time make the difference between Chen's tea factory tea and others. This difference is palatable.

For over 70 years, across generations, what is passed on is kindness for the soil, reverence for the tea plant and peace of mind for the tea connoisseur.





A Cup of Tea
Nature’s Gratitude
Rainforest Alliance Verified

The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1987 by Daniel Katz and a group of environmentalists in New York.

Its main work is the provision of an environmental certification on sustainable forestry, agriculture and tourism. This includes monitoring pesticide usage, animal and plant habitat protection, and addressing climate change in direct correlation to rainforest loss.

Drink this cup of tea with peace of mind, body and spirit. Drink it to give thanks to nature.

Shanlinxi Oolong Tea

The mist shrouded high mountains of Shanlinxi in Nantou, Taiwan is home to the Amis indigenous tribe. Guided by the Amis traditional methods, the tea leaves here are picked by hand, gently roasted and fermented. The result is a rich yet clear brew echoing the elegance of Shanlinxi.

Alishan Mixiang Oolong

Sitting 1,200 meters above sea level is where the world-renowned Alishan oolong tea is grown. The fermentation process starts when tiny caterpillars nibble at the leaf, leaving no visible damage but causing the leaf to “repair” itself and thus changing the leaf chemistry and ultimately, the flavor. When roasted over medium heat, similar to the process of producing Oriental Beauty, the result is a penetrable red brew with notes of honey and flame.

Containing Goodness and Fulfillment

Good tea can be discovered but not sought. A state of being is an understanding that comes with the passing of time. Taiwan’s extraordinary climate and landscape makes for some of the world’s best teas. The perfect terrain combined with the perfect amount of rain and sun makes for a bountiful harvest of the most exquisite leaves.

Chen's tea factory has been in the business of tea for over 70 years. Liuligongfang has partnered with them to bring you two gaoshan (high sea) teas - Shanlinxi Oolong and Alishan Mixiang Oolong. These varieties convey our sincerity for the art of tea, a life philosophy and an aesthetic point of view.

These gift sets offer superior tea with a side of luck and fortune. A bright liuli jewel Illuminates the golden rising sun and the silver starry night. Share this auspicious energy with friends and family over a warm cup of tea.


雨林聯盟(Rainforest Alliance)是一國際非營利性、非政府環境保護組織,成立於1987年美國紐約,由創始人丹尼爾卡茲(Daniel Katz)與一群環保人士共同創立。









2019 LIULI LIVING嚴選在台製茶有七十餘年經驗的陳氏茶廠,以杉林溪烏龍與阿里山蜜香烏龍二款台灣高海拔茶款,說我們對茶的虔敬,說一種在生活的哲學思考、美學主張。







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