Let’s Talk Bada Shanren over Tea


Talk of Bada Shanren over Tea

Come.  Let us sit a while, and over tea talk of shanshui and Bada Shanren.  Over tea we can travel through history and a thousand expressions, through impressionism and contemporary glass.



Chang Yi founded LIULI Living to invite lovers of art into the inner circle of discussion.  Here, we explore multitudes of depths in the fascinating history of legendary painters and poets.  One such figure was Ming Dynasty “Bada Shanren”—a painter, poet, and scholar who profoundly affected the aesthetic movements of China in the 17th century.  The artist is famous shuimo (ink-wash) depictions of plump little birds and minimalist visuals.

With LIULI Living, Chang Yi reminds us time and again that art is not merely a topic of conversation but philosophical perspectives.  That is why, over tea, we combine layers of artistic history with life in the present itself. 


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