LIULI and the Companionship of Dogs - A Story of Loyalty



LIULI and the Companionship of Dogs

A Story of Loyalty
~ A Tribute to the Zodiac Year of the Dog, 2018 ~


[ 2018 Year of the Dog - "Longing for a Pure Existence" ]


When Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi founded Liu Li Gong Fang, the lights of the Tamshui studio outside Taipei was almost always lit at midnight.  Inside, you would find the artists sweating profusely with the labor of failed attempts, hands cut with glass and burnt with molten crystal, clay-stained and bruised.  From time to time, Chang would retreat outside to the cool Taiwanese midwinter air, finding a stray or two and feeding them whatever they had left.  And so one or two became three or four until the studio housed nothing but artists and stray animals.  This is the story of the beginnings of LIULI Crystal Art.



For the New Zodiac Year of 2018, Chang and Yang, with the efforts of the studio’s craftsmen, produced a collection of works in homage to the undying and immortal loyalty of dogs.  Within it, each art piece expresses a unique nuance that hearkens to LIULI’s and people’s relationship with the spirited animal.

Tales of dogs’ loyalty and courage can be found in both Eastern and Western literature.  They are both physically and metaphorically symbolic of the camaraderie and strength found behind any endeavor in life.  In this way, dogs are a heartfelt reminder that, in the midst of struggle and adversity, true companionship is the greatest treasure to have by one’s side.



In remembering back to the early days, Yang reflected that there were moments when she was so exhausted from the labor of art that she couldn’t continue.  But when that familiar face came to her side and rested the weight of its head on her legs she understood that she could because love was close by.

Wherever you may be—in the midnight hours of your struggles or at the peak of your accomplishments—we hope that this artwork reminds you that loyalty and companionship will always be the greatest treasures of your endeavors.



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