LIULI is Crystal Art.  It is the embodiment of spirit, life, philosophy and passion.

The Story of Contemporary Liuli Starts Here

Founded in 1987 by studio glass artists Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi, LIULI has grown from a modest workshop in Taiwan to Asia’s leading crystal art brand.  Liuli is the phonetic spelling of the Han Dynasty term for glass art and is used to honor the Chinese heritage and culture.  Records show that thousands of years ago, the Chinese were highly skilled in pâte de verre but the craft was subsequently forgotten.  Yang and Chang revived the craft and reintroduced it into the international arena.  LIULI has exhibited in over 30 countries and can be found in eminent museums worldwide.



Come check out our beautiful gallery at South Coast Plaza:

Space # 2041, 3333 Bristol Street
2nd Level, Sears Wing
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
T 714.436.8888


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