Part IV: In Your Heart, a Touch of Red

Part I: Chang Yi's "Touch of Red" Touches Hearts in France

Part II: The Evolution of Chang Yi - A Shanshui Story

Part III: A Shanshui Story – Origins of Chang Yi’s Work

Part IV: In Your Heart, a Touch of Red

The Collection: A Touch of Red

YouTube Video: A Touch of Red

A Touch of Red Exhibition

Venue: LIULI Gallery at South Coast Plaza
Exhibition Date: 08/25 - 10/22/2017

In Your Heart, a Touch of Red

Chang Yi's Iconic Master Collection Arrives in the States

Travel though time and landscape to uncover the "touch of red" in your own heart 

Hidden within the depths of this artwork are layers of complexity.  Beneath colors, glass, and bubbles is a maze of human emotion; it is an entanglement of experiences, gained only after understanding life and death, past and present.  Beneath colors, glass, and bubbles are layers of history and culture, surfacing with immaculate technique and artistry.  And through it all, the kaleidoscopic works of Chang Yi in this series present us with a “touch of red”—that ray of sunshine and speck of hope on the horizon.  Through it all, we arrive at “a Touch of Red.”

Thousands of years of prolific culture gave us Shanshui.  Shanshui gives us landscape.  But in the end, landscape is merely the perspective.  It is neither the focus nor the purpose of creating art.  Chang Yi interweaves culture through maobi aesthetics, purposefully empty spaces, and a light-bending medium to bring us perspective that reach inward rather than out.

In “A Touch of Red,” viewers travel through an abstracted vision of life not dissimilar to theirs.  It is the journey beginning with a question unique to every individual.  And reflected in the glass is the answer in red.  So see for yourself, what does the touch of red in your heart look like?



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