Peonies Carry Blessings, Celebrations, and Desires of Life

Living Life in Full Bloom

The Collection: Peony Collection 

Peony is native in China. Because of its rich color, delightful fragrance, elegant posture, and vigorous full bloom, peony has been referred to as “The King of Flowers” in Eastern cultures since Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). With their lush, full, rounded blooms, peonies embody confidence, joy and passion of life, inspiring more than tens of thousands poems and countless art and design creations.

With Color, Peony Shines

For centuries, peonies were planted in imperial gardens, palaces, and mansions; therefore, they symbolize nobility, prosperity, and romance, which makes them a popular choice for bridal bouquet and their motifs great wedding and anniversary gifts. Growing peonies requires patience. It takes time to see an abundant display of flowers, but once they start blooming, a lifetime of exquisite flowers can be expected. As such, peonies are also representation of the glory and the celebration for achievements of any kind, such as career promotion, graduation, or moving into a new house.



Without Color, Peony Humbles

LIULI Artist Loretta H. Yang creates “The Proof of Awareness” to seize the moment of clarity. Peonies in full bloom embody confidence and passion of life, and without colors, we are able to see through the very existence of the flow and one’s true self. Just as a wise saying goes, ”Be the same person you are in the dark as you are in the light”, this collection reminds us of authenticity and mindfulness


The Proof of Awareness

Springtime Dance



Peony as a Cultural Symbol, Touches LIULI by Heart          

The spirit of peony, with and without colors, resonates with LIULI’s core value  “To forever creates that which is good for the human heart”. LIULI also adopts an exquisite embroidery peony pattern created by “Jiangning Fabrics Bureau”, the central commission organization of textiles for imperial families and prestigious officials during Qing Dynasty (1645-1904 AD), to deliver LIULI’s ethics in craftsmanship: a lifelong learning journey through continuous doing, thinking, and self-reflection.

Since then, Peony has become LIULI’s brand signifier, which can be seen throughout everything we do, from art creations, gallery interior decors, architecture, to packaging. Through the symbol and meaning of peonies, we deliver the warmest blessings and gratitude to our appreciators, collectors, and partners around the world.


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The Collection: Peony Collection

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