Unstoppable Faith: New Era of the Dragon Horse and It's Special Exhibition

LIULI Gallery South Coast Plaza introduces winter collection: “Unstoppable Faith: New Era of the Dragon Horse” and its special exhibition.

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October 28, 2016 marks the launch of LIULI’s winter collection "Unstoppable Faith: New Era of the Dragon Horse" at South Coast Plaza. It kicks off a 10-day exhibition at Carousel Court Level 2 till November 6. Patrons will see selections of LIULI’s most prominent horse and dragon designs from previous years to the latest collection as well as two special-edition center pieces: a striking statue of the renowned Chinese hero Lord Guan Yu astride his legendary horse, which is the only piece that comes in a unique color and gold-gilded; also, an imposing dragon poised on a cloud, which is the largest dragon design by LIULI and the last of twelve limited pieces.

The concept of "dragon horse spirit" will be showcased on how the dragon and the horse are tightly intertwined in the Chinese tradition. Inhabiting the heavens, the dragon is synonymous to the Chinese Emperor and culmination of all things that breathe. Closer to our own realm, the horse is a king among the beasts of the earth. The dragon and the horse are swift and unerringly graceful, symbols of exalted power and royal authority. They are the symbolisms to maneuver through uncertain times and maintain unstoppable faith in the Chinese culture. LIULI’s design lives up to this faith: challenge yourself; create designs good for the human heart and soul.

The dragon has evolved throughout the years.  For the Chinese people, this mythical creature has penetrated the furthest depths of our imagination and come to symbolize authority, determination and passion.  The LIULI dragon is at all times the manifestation of strength through the contemporary medium of liuli.


Odyssey Across Heaven and Earth
A universe of blue; heaven, earth, mountain and stream.
An uninhibited odyssey, a flight of freedom.
It comes from ancient times, it comes from the Han and Tang;
it is ultimately, the glory of our past and future.

What is the horse of the Chinese psyche?  Is it the blood-sweating heavenly horse of legend or is the dignified ink and wash horse of painter Xu Beihong?  For LIULI, the stance of a horse in gallop recalls the steeds found on ancient murals and stone engravings. In this collection, the technique of new liuli composites and color showcase a breakthrough in the craftsmanship. Retaining the transparency of the inner space, a precise composition of 7 to 8 hues of red is used to create this “blood-sweating heavenly horse” which Emperor Wu of Han had dreamt of.


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