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Collection: An Auspicious Look for a Beautiful World

Official Introduction: An Auspicious Look for a Beautiful World  |  祥瑞形象 美麗人間

LIULI believes that kindness is a source for hope as it embodies a benevolent strength and an aesthetic faith that aims to benefit all. Thus, we reinterpret classic symbols of benevolence into a collection of dynamic and colorful liuli artworks. Each one is a blessing,each one is a fulfillment. May good be ubiquitous,may the heart bear auspiciousness and may the world be forever beautiful.

In artwork “Success Begets Success”, two carp twist powerfully through the water, their tail fins becoming one with the flurry of waves, their bodies creating an infinity symbol. This graceful design alludes to the taiji, symbolizing abundance and representing the unbound and inextinguishable nature of life.