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Crystal Flower, Peony, The Proof of Awareness-The Proof of Awareness (Collector's Edition)

Crystal Flower, Peony, The Proof of Awareness-The Proof of Awareness (Collector's Edition)

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  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Size: 10.83L x 10.43D x 6.30H inches
  • Limited Edition: 286 pieces (Worldwide)
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  PEG033.ADAAZ

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Design Concept:

Award-winning crystal glass peony Proof of Awareness, seen here, was immediately acquired by the Corning Museum of Glass and The Museum of Arts & Design upon its debut in 2007. The magnificent glass sculpture took center spotlight, which is natural considering the collection’s unique relationship with light. Unprecedented by any other glass artwork, the Proof of Awareness collection is thus far the purest expression of a flower’s spirit. Devoid of all color, it is within the crystal medium that artist Loretta H. Yang conveys a clarity one can only hope to discover through introspection. The Proof of Awareness collection demonstrates a deeper connection to life’s impermanence than any LIULI art before it, manifesting a life philosophy that is found within, communicating a sincerity uncovered only through honest self-expression.


獲獎的水晶琉璃牡丹“澄明之悟”,在2007年首次亮相時,立即被Corning Museum of Glass和The Museum of Arts & Design收藏。這個宏偉的琉璃雕塑成為焦點,考慮到該系列與光的獨特關係,這是很自然的。迄今為止,澄明之悟系列是任何其他琉璃藝術品都無法比擬的,它是對花的精神的最純粹的表達。在沒有任何顏色的情況下,藝術家楊惠姍在水晶媒介中傳達了一種只有通過內省才能發現的清晰性。展示了比之前任何LIULI藝術更深刻的與生命無常的聯繫,體現了一種內在的生命哲學,傳達了一種只有通過誠實的自我表達才能發現的真誠。

The Proof of Awareness
(Collector's Edition, Medium)

In the light, suddenly aware,
Realizing that you are surrounded by a clarity,
As if a dream,
As if an illusion,
Finally, all reservations in color disappear.

( 纪念作, 中型典藏版 )