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Collection: A Peaceful Existence

Collection: A Peaceful Existence

Official Introduction: 

A Peaceful Existence  |  好花昌平世

Peaceful Existence – Insight and Retrospect on Three Decades of Flowers

This ten-piece floral and vase collection ties in centuries of Asian heritage with the meditative state of being that a lifetime of contemplating crystal and life could bring. Each bloom with an introspective study into art and life philosophies. In Asian symbolism, the vase stands for peace, tranquility and fullness; it is a vessel containing all that is good.

“A Peaceful Existence” is a showcase for a breakthrough in sculptural technique and color placement. Primarily using the twice-fired and advanced powder color placement techniques. Twice-fired means after the body of a vase is complete, flowers colored through powdered pigments are then joined to the vase using heat. To join two finished parts under high heat, both parts must be of equal temperature. Only with experience can the artist gauge the temperature and join the two parts successfully. Creating each detail realistically poses a technical challenge and reflects the artist’s observations in life.