Collection: Dancing Blooms, Flying Fish, Spring Lights Converge

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Dancing Blooms, Flying Fish, Spring Lights Converge  |  花舞鱼飞春光聚 - 聚宝瓶
Blog: The Making of Dancing Blooms, Flying Fish, Spring Lights Converge

The sumptuous “bao-ping” (or treasure vase) collection here originally hit boutiques and galleries in 2010, and it set an astounding precedence for the artists’ sequel—Emergence of the Dragon.  The series combines several of Chinese art culture’s most significant motifs, from a combination of fish and flowers that symbolize vitality to elegant and lavish “bao ping” treasure vases.  While the top piece is sculpted in LIULI’s signature pate-de-verre style, the bottom half is blown crystal glass, a pairing that took tremendous time and effort—not to mention dozens of failed attempts—to achieve.  Utilizing some of the Chinese culture’s most beloved flowers—peonies, orchids, and tulips—artists invoke a sense of opulence and grandiosity in this series titled “Dancing Blooms.”

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