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Crystal Animal & Flower, Magpie & Magnolia, Ruyi Blooms

Crystal Animal & Flower, Magpie & Magnolia, Ruyi Blooms

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  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  PEF137.ADAEB

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Design Concept:

Flowers always bloom as you wish, and the creation is based on the elements of flowers, double birds and wishful thinking. Ruyi, meaning everything goes as you wish, the hollow design integrates the concept of gathering Qi in Fengshui, the flowers bloom, and the birds sing and the flowers are fragrant. The main body of the work is in the shape of double circles, which are interactive and harmonious. The double circles also form a horizontal "8" character, which is a symbol of infinity. Qi accumulates here, circulates back and forth, and rises up. I wish a long-lasting relationship, a happy family, and a beautiful life. Birds live in pairs on the branches. Wherever there is you, there is home. My world is perfect because of you. Magnolia is fragrant and elegant, and the flowers bloom like you want, which symbolizes peace, happiness, good luck, and contains all the beauty in the world.


Ruyi Blooms

A blooming flower is happiness,
Ruyi is fortune and fulfillment,
A harmonious world,
A gathering content.