Convergence of Heroics (Favorable) - Foo Dog (Fu Dog, Guardian Lion)

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Foo Dog traditionally known in Chinese simply called shi (獅), meaning "lion", or shishi, meaning "stone lion". This figurine often called Fu Dog (or "Foo Dogs") in the West - though you may also see them referred to as Chinese guardian lions, imperial guardian lion or stone temple dogs. As the name implied, Foo dogs are known to be protects the owner of the house and bring fortune or wealth.


The Collection: Ascending Qi Gives Rise To Earthly Harmony 


Convergence of Heroics

A grand uprising,
Hands joined across heaven and earth;
Abound with joy
In a shared dance across the brilliant sky.



  • 作品以太獅與少獅組合,雙獅口含相連飄帶,腳踏彩球。空中翻騰跳躍的生動一幕的定格畫面,惟妙惟肖。
  • 獅子在中國傳統文化中是鎮宅的瑞獸,集百獸之神威於一身,能帶來祥瑞之氣。
  • 自古以來人們常將石獅立於門前,以示威嚴。風水中更有辟邪擋煞之效。
  • 獅子也是名譽、權力、地位的象徵,“獅”和“太師”的師同音,寓意升官。

  • 獅子被喻為“萬獸之王”的靈獸,集天地之靈氣,蘊萬物生息。

  • 大小兩隻獅子,一靜 一動,相應成趣。大小兩獅組合有子孫昌盛之意,是生生不息的象徵。

  • 飛舞的彩帶如同變形的數字“8”,諧音“發”,寓意富貴吉祥,財源廣進。


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4.33"L x 9.05"D x 7.09"H inches


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre (Lost Wax Casting)

Limited Edition:

880 pieces (Worldwide)


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