Wine Goblet, Bordeaux Glass, Moon Shadows (Set of 2)

Color: Red

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Material: Crystal Glass
Technique: Pressed
Size: 4.40"L x 4.40"D x 10.30"H inches
Limited Edition: Unlimited
Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Design Concept

From the bottom up, the base is composed of a kuilong pattern, a taotie pattern, a chrysanthemum ball, and a round band. Try to imagine the precision craftsmanship that went into producing each one by hand! The full-shaped body of the cup exudes a sense of harmony, showing the zesty appreciation of wine that has long existed in the orient. Moreover, the extra thickness of the body---between 1.2 and 1.5mm---creates an unusually resonant tone when clinking glasses for a toast. Flicking the bowl with a finger produces a 17 second-long reverberation. The traditional design of the glass allows ample room for the wine to breathe while channeling powerful scents toward the nose. Perfect for full-bodied and rich red Bordeaux wines.

「月影搖」紅酒杯。杯腳紋飾,源自殷商青銅彜器上的饕餮紋與夔龍紋,這兩款圖紋造型神秘,代表了尊貴與王權。而它的線條流暢極簡,甚至與千年後西方的art deco風格有幾分神似。在制作工藝上,節節向上的杯腳由四個部件組成:夔龍紋,饕餮紋,菊仙球及圓型片,連杯身一共是五個組件。試著想像一下,這意味著,在手工成型時,有共計十個平面需要絕對水平!杯身格外飽滿,圓融,除了呈現東方人飲酒的豪氣之外,1.2~1.5mm的杯壁厚度,經過測試,比普通的薄杯身,更能引發清澈連綿的碰杯聲。這個沁人的回響,如同樂器的奏鳴,長久縈繞,如同碰杯時的祝福,生生不息。

Moon Shadows - Bordeaux Glass

Wavering shadows through coursing wine,
Taking a dance through the moon and stars.
Kindred spirits, a full cup,
A reflection of China.

月影搖 - 紅/白葡萄酒酒杯


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