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Crystal Feng Shui, Gourd, Hulu, Well of Fortune


Design Concept:

Without the four seasons, there can be no year.  Without just one season there could be no cycle.  In this classic rendition from our spring-inspired collection, “Buoyed by Spring Light,” four hulu gourds converge from their four respective cardinal compass directions.  Adorned with baroque-like embellishments of floral patterns, they invoke a calming and contented feeling of fullness, fulfillment, and richness.  Steeped in rich cultural motifs, this classic liuli glasswork carries with it millennia of artistic tradition, a symbol of the grand and never-ending orchestra that is nature’s spring season.

The Chinese word for gourd, hulu (葫芦), has other auspicious associations as well.  In some dialects, the character hu (葫) has a similar pronunciation to fu (福) which means "happiness" or "good fortune".  Therefore, saying hulu (葫 芦) for gourd would sound similar to fulu (福禄) which means "happiness and rank (as in attaining a high government office)". 

Well of Fortune

Summon fortune
and all that is virtuous
from the north, south, east and west.
All that is right with the world
evolves from this;
all that is good in life
evolves from this.



Item No.:



5.71"L x 2.83"D x 5.47"H inches


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Limited Edition:

3,000 pieces (Worldwide) 

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Exquisite LIULI Gift Bags

Packaging Award by Germany's iF Design Award

Every art pieces comes with the gift-ready packaging including gift box & bag, product's description card, greeting card, and authentic certificate*.

* Authentic certificate only comes with most art pieces at the valued of $500 and more, which include the signature of the artist, product detail, and the edition number (if applied).

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging