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Wine Goblet, Bordeaux Glass - Flower Moon Duo (Set of 2)


A tulip-shaped glass, slimmer than the Burgundy with a smaller mouth - this is the standard shape of a typical red or white wine glass. It is the ideal shape to contain the aroma of a fine Bordeaux. A smaller glass means less interaction with air which means a longer lasting aroma.

Flower Moon Duo (Red/White Wine Glass, Bordeaux Glass)

A luminous moon, fulfillment;
A mirrored likeness,
Flickering with grace;
The reflection of a flower
Intoxicates the moon just as it does you and me.

Design Ref. No.: VTG068.ATX
Color: Amber
Size: 3.00"L x 3.00"D x 8.58"H inches
Material: Crystal Glass
Function: Glassware, Wine Goblet, Bordeaux Glass, Red/White Wine Glass
Content: Come in the set of 2 pieces

花月對 - 紅/白葡萄酒酒杯


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