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Crystal Animal, Dog, - Heads Up! (Exclusive U.S. Edition with Gilded Peony Display Base)


The Collection: Longing for a Pure Existence (Year of the Dog)

Design Concept:

“Heads Up!” reminds us to look up and ahead to the future, implying a good and prosperous one to all and responding to the new gallery’s re-opening. Adding endearingly to the element of luck is the traditional Chinese Sycee (ingot) on which the decor piece rests for fortune and wealth. Last but not least, the customized crystal base (with a peony flower in gold foil lines) accentuates the utmost preciousness of a dog’s loyalty and unconditional love. All together we present you the U.S. customers a one-of-the-kind art collection.

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Heads Up!

Head raised in anticipation.
Head raised in belief.

There is no doubt
in absolute love.

Because of love,
the pure heart
attracts all that is good,
benevolent and kind.

抬頭,旺! (狗)




Item No.:



Artwork: 6.38"L x 3.86"D x 6.54"H inches
Crystal Base: 5.00”L x 3.00”D x 1.96”H inches


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Special Limited Edition:

100 pieces
* This special edition is for USA region only.

Package Content:

Comes with 1 piece of Heads Up! with 1 piece of 24K gilded peony base.

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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