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Aligned with the Light, I Triumph, Amber Red Fish Figurine

Aligned with the Light, I Triumph, Amber Red Fish Figurine

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  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Size: 5.00L x 6.00W x 8.00H inches
  • Limited Edition: 1,800 pieces (Worldwide)
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  PEF189.ADACE

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Design Concept:

The arowana, dragon fish, a symbol of power and fortune, breaks through the water’s surface. The whiskered arowana boasts pectoral fins like mythical creature's claws and golden red scales. It swims boldly through the waters, exhibiting an air of elegance and regality. In this design, the fish leaps upward with head and tail curved toward each other as it accumulates power. The translucent qualities of liuli add to the luminosity and vitality of the moment. Like a natural born leader who possesses the power and determination to move the world, it looks toward a wide-open future and attracts the flow of wealth and power. With a forty-year life span, the arowana is a symbol of longevity and is commonly referred to as the “fish of longevity”. This piece conveys glory and preciousness and makes a suitable gift for many professional occasions; it makes an ideal gift for managers, elders and business partners.


春天,萬物生機勃發,代表權力與財富的金龍魚,也在這一刻衝破水面,帶來極致的力量感與生命力。龍魚有須,胸鰭似龍爪,加上渾身金鱗(或紅鱗),緩而大方的遊姿,更顯出一種高貴、祥和的王者之氣。作品中,龍魚騰躍向上,頭部和尾部向裡卷起成弓形,仿佛血液都在一刻凝聚;琉璃的透光性質,增加了龍魚沖出水面的光感,靈動而富有生命力。現實中,許多傑出的領袖,擁有撼動世界的力量與決心。因為嚮往更廣闊的天地,財富與權力也會像江水一樣湧來。此外,龍魚本身具有很多美好的寓意。龍魚是魚類中有名的“長壽魚”,壽民可達40年,有“長命百歲,壽比南山”之寓意;其諧音為“餘”,暗含聚財、富貴之意; 這件作品傳達出龍魚的尊貴、榮耀,為更廣闊的事業拼搏向上,適合贈送傑出領袖、長輩、商務合作夥伴等。

Aligned with the Light, I Triumph

From this moment comes
the emergence of inner strength.
Take the opportunity
and ascend
as all boundaries between heaven and
earth dissipate.

與光同躍 凱旋