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Li Bai’s Intoxication (Bone China Sake Set) - 1 Pot, 2 Sake Cups (Set of 3pcs)


The Collection: Sake & Shot Glass Set

Design Concept:

"Li Bai’s Intoxication"

Modern, yet classic. The creative concept won The Golden Pin Design Award excellence. 

The barware is made of high-quality bone china. Sets serve for a pot of two cups and a pot of four cups. “Li Bai’s Intoxication” is inspired by one of the greatest Chinese poets Li Bai from Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD), whose philosophy of life is freedom and friendship. 

Drawing from classical Chinese painting and architecture, this set of barware with a dragon relief sculpture in bone china and a daring ruby-color LIULI crystal is imbued with the vibrancy of life.




「微醺太白」的靈感來源於「李白鬥酒詩百篇」的詩詞意境。酒壺器形源於甲骨文的「 酒」字。 葫蘆型賦予「福祿」的美好寓意,8 字形壺身有「 財運大發無窮無限」的意境。 壺頂的設計,取中國古時宮殿飛簷的意象,別致大氣,學識淵博不落俗套


Li Bai's Intoxication

Slightly intoxicated
On life’s glass of wine.
Raise your glass in an invitation,
Recall the image of poet Li Bai,
And let us enjoy together in song and wine.

Li Bai, a well-known poet in Tang Dynasty. He was fond of drinking wine very much and his character was very free and easy. After drinking wine a lot, he could make many beautiful poems with his intoxicant feeling.



Item No.:



Teapot: 6.69"L x 3.39"D x 4.13"H inches
Teacup: 3.94"L x 3.94"D x 5.12"H inches


Bone China


1 Teapot, 2 Teacups 

Limited Quantity:

50 sets available on U.S. region only.

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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