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Crystal Animal, Chow Chow, Dog, Only Love

Crystal Animal, Chow Chow, Dog, Only Love

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  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Size: 3.74L x 3.74D x 2.95H inches
  • Limited Edition: 4,800 pieces (Worldwide)
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  PAH051.ADAAS

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Design Concept:

This crystal glass decor piece from the 2018 Chinese zodiac Year of the Dog collection, titled "Longing for a Pure Existence," features a humble and tender Chow Chow resting in a relaxed and unassuming pose. The blend of loving violet and orchid colors in this home decor glasswork evokes a sense of tenderness and compassion. Its accompanying poetry reminds us that, despite all other expectations and life struggles, loyalty is the most valuable quality in a dog and strengthens the bond between friends. The artwork "Only Love" serves as a constant reminder that companionship and partnership are ultimately the truest and purest treasures of wealth and fortune.


在這件來自2018年中國十二生肖狗年系列 "只有愛 (狗) "的琉璃裝飾作品中,一隻謙遜而溫柔的鬆獅犬以一種輕鬆而不張揚的姿勢休息。這裡的家居裝飾玻璃作品--混合了紫羅蘭和蘭花的可愛色彩--引起了一種溫柔和憐憫的感覺。其附帶的詩歌提醒人們,儘管有其他的期望和生活的掙扎,但狗身上最好的品質是忠誠,它能在一天結束時增強朋友的力量。這樣一來,"只有愛 (狗) "這幅作品就留在了人們的身邊,時刻提醒著人們,陪伴和夥伴關係最終是最真實、最純粹的財富和財富的寶藏。

Only Love

Me? A guard dog?
I bark but not in alarm.
Me? A work dog?
I never learned how to pull a sled.

But when you leave home
it is I who awaits your return.
And when you return
it is I who stays by your side.

It seems that
the one thing I’m good for
is loving you.

只有愛 (狗)