About LIULI Crystal Art

The Craft

Mastering expression by mastering one medium

At LIULI Crystal Art, we dedicate ourselves to an age-old method of glass art.  That method is most commonly known as pâte de verre.  However, since over two-thousand years ago it has been known to the Chinese as “liuli.”  Our founding artists rediscovered the origins of this ancient craft and revived it in the Chinese cultural sphere.

At our studio, we create works using 24% PbO lead crystal, effectively mastering artistic expression through the mastery of one very special medium—glass.  Techniques range from the classic pâte de verre method to others involving the use of powdered glass and gold foil.  A labor-intensive 12-step process goes into the creation of each art piece—a precision that is credited to the commitment involved in the craftsmanship.

Mastering crystal glass has not only been a technical challenge but also a spiritual one.  Through the expression of such a transcendent medium, our artists are able to produce feelings and nuances that are as transparent as the physical work itself.  Emerging from that transparency and honesty is the manifestation of Eastern culture and philosophies.

The Inspiration

Five thousand years of history and a world of beauty

Liuli being originally a Chinese craft, we honor our work to its tradition.  Our studio’s creations embody cultural aesthetics and motifs found in classic Chinese literature, sometimes in a light not commonly depicted.  Crystal glass allows us to combine these elements with contemporary expression, leading to a whole new depth of artistry.

Founding artists Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi draw from their experience as an award-winning actress and director, respectively.  They have immersed themselves in the studies of Chinese history and Eastern philosophies, carrying that spirit into their work.  Ancient masterpieces like the Dunhuang grottoes and depictions of the Bodhisattva Guanyin have inspired LIULI work that has entered into exhibits and permanent collections around the world from the Grand Palais, Paris to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Inspired by thousands of years of history and humanities, we at LIULI strive to create artwork that not only pleases the eye but touches the heart.  That is why, through the spread of culture and wisdom, we have made it our mission for thirty years to “create art for the good of the heart.”

The Mission

“Creating art for the good of the heart.”

The craft of liuli has taught us mastery.  The inspiration of culture has given us beauty.  To us, there always exists a spiritual purpose and need for beauty in the world.

Reflected in the wisdom found in bodhisattva artwork and found in the spirit of blooming liuli flowers is a spirit of compassion so transparent that it moves souls.  Our artists discovered through personal experience that, when mastery and beauty come together with such depth, such art has the power to let people grow.

That is why our mission is to continuously create art that not only touches the heart, but cultivates it.

Founding Artists

Glass Artist Loretta H. Yang

Loretta H. Yang  楊惠姍
Glass Artist & Founder
Taiwan, 1952 - Present

Signature collections acquired by World-class museums

More about Loretta H. Yang:
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Artist and former actress Loretta H. Yang is the two-time recipient of the Golden Horse award. At the height of a prolific career, she left the film industry and began pursuing liuli art. Since founding LIULI Crystal Art in 1987, she has created masterpieces collected by museums and galleries around the world in Asia, North America, and Europe. In the past thirty-some years she has developed innovative glasswork techniques that have brought her to the international art arena.

Yang’s artwork is characterized by a contrasting balance between personal and cultural expression. These influences are evident in the themes of ephemerality, transience, and compassion in her artwork. Yang invokes these sentiments while stylistically incorporating both traditional Chinese motifs and contemporary aestheics.


Glass Artist - Chang Yi 

Chang Yi  張毅
Glass Artist & Founder, Marketing Director
Taiwan, 1951 - Present

* Signature collections acquired by World-class Museums

More about Chang Yi:
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LIULI Crystal Art founder and creative director Chang Yi has powered the philosophical and creative direction of LIULI artwork for over thirty years. The previous Golden Horse Award-winning director and short story writer draws from his experience in arts and humanities to elevate liuli artwork. In this arena, Chang has exhibited LIULI artwork alongside Loretta H. Yang around the world, founded a glass museum in Shanghai, and been dubbed the “father of Asia’s studio glass movement” by the New York Times.

Chang’s artistic persona is strongly influenced by Eastern philosophies as well as a unique relationship with the elements of light and shadow in his work. He views liuli as the ultimate medium of transparent and honest expression, and has exhibited this truth through the virtuosity of his artwork collected by institutions worldwide.