Beauty is My Promise, Orchid Flower Figurine (24K Gold Leaf)

Color: 24K, Amber / Sky Blue

Note: One (1) piece left in U.S.  This artwork will be discontinued soon.


It’s beautiful to having each other around.

《 Beauty is My Promise 》flowers are blooming surrounding each other, I have you, you have me. - Will of life, swing in the rough, it is also a spring blossoming flower.





Rough rock, gradually turning into a smooth curve in the opening of the flower. Like, from the contradictory self-hardening, to the awakening of the flower, to the realization of the round. The process of enlightenment in Eastern thought has a poetic portrayal in the works. Under the dewaxing casting technique, the unique transparency of the glass forms a story in different levels and details. It is also a deep understanding of the glass material for the glass material for more than 30 years.




The Collection: Flower Figurines & Glass Art Sculptures


Beauty is My Promise

To blossom, Is my promise.
Beauty, Is my promise.
In this life, When I commit,
No matter when, No matter where,
I will come, Engaged.


綻放, 是我的承諾。
美麗, 是我的承諾。
生命裡: 說好了的,
無論  任何時候,
任何地方, 我依約來到。


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11.81"L x 7.48"D x 11.81"H inches


Crystal Glass, 24K Gold Leaf


Pate de Verre, 24K Gilded

Limited Edition:

56 pieces (Worldwide) 


* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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