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Bone China Bowl - Delectable Bites (Set of 4)


    Delectable Bites

    A languid afternoon spent with the sunshine, flower buds and a gentle calm. Stroll amongst nature, in this small yet rich land and do not think, do not do. Leisurely with you, with me, without disconcertion. The taste is just right, simple and pure with just the right amount to be a little full –is that not the greatest fulfillment?


    美滿小品 (小圓碗)



    Design Ref. No.:



    Bowl: 1.30"L x 1.30"D x 0.59"H inches
    Tray: 4.45"L x 1.06"D x 0.16"H inches


    Crystal Glass, Bone China. Wood


    Comes with 3 pieces of Bone China bowls & 1 piece of wooden tray.

    Limited Quantity:

    Limited to 20 sets only

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    Liuli Gift Packaging

    Liuli Gift Packaging

    Liuli Gift Packaging

    Liuli Gift Packaging

    Liuli Gift Packaging