Honor the Heavens, Love Your Fellow Human (Respectful) - Pixiu Mythical Creature


Note: This artwork will be discontinued soon.  We only have the very last pieces of amber/blue clear available.


The Collection: The Beauty of Harmony


Honor the Heavens, Love Your Fellow Human

Sun and moon, spring and autumn,
Vast green waters,
a dragon within the clouds.
Existing within taiji,
Is an enveloping compassion.
Is this not
Our wondrous world?




Design Ref. No.:



10.04"L x  5.91"D x 10.04"H inches


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Limited Edition:

888 pieces (Worldwide) - Discontinued


* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.


Design Concept: 

Honor the Heavens, Love Your Fellow Human comes in the shape of 'taiji', the harmony of yin and yang, the cycle of heaven and earth. The Chinese people are mindful of the balanced relationship between heaven and earth and strive to achieve a united harmony. The twin dragon design conveys the doubling of goodness.

The most interesting aspect of this design can be seen from the back as the chi long (hornless dragon) peeks out from the polished surface. It reminds us that we are but specks in the universe, in contrast to the vast universe.

  • Depicted in relief, the dragons’ head and tail come together on the left side of the design, an image inspired by motifs found on jade bi from the Han Dynasty. A crawling chi long crawls across the right with head raised. The application of gold foil highlights the dragon’s brawn and influence. One dragon in motif form, the other lifelike, creates a visual contrast.
  • Three-dimensional 'taiji' breathes new life into a classic element. The double circles of the 'taiji' mimic the infinity symbol. Heaven and earth, reality and illusion, yin and yang - opposites encompassed within a single form. A perpetual cycle that creates a harmonious world.
  • To the left of the 'taiji', a dragon with polished eyes and mouth; to the right of the 'taiji', a blurred effect; from the profile, a layered effect; from the back, high polish. Different surface treatments create constantly transforming visuals.
  • Honor the Heavens, Love Your Fellow Human is an ideal gift for coworkers as you strive together for a better tomorrow.


設計說明: 敬天愛人


  • 作品左半邊首尾相連的雙龍,取材於漢代玉璧上的圖騰,以淺浮雕的手法表現。右半邊匍匐著一條金箔螭龍,探頭張望,略有斑駁的金箔處理,突顯了螭龍肌肉的張力。圖騰化的雙龍和寫實螭龍形成一種對比。
  • 以立體雕塑手法呈現的太極,讓傳統的元素富有新意。太極雙圓也是無限大∞的符號,天地、虛實、陰陽融入一個圓中,循環往復,生生不息,構成和諧完美的世界。
  • 太極的左側,龍眼和龍吻以拋亮處理,右側太極則為霧面效果,側面銜接處以漸層方式表現。作品背部則是大面積的拋光,不同手法的運用,讓作品呈現多變的視覺效果。
  • 「敬天愛人」適宜贈於事業上的夥伴,共創美好未來。

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