LIULI Crystal Art, Mythical Creature, Set of 5, Dragon, Vermillion Bird, Qilin, Tiger, Tortoise

Color 1: Darker Color Set of Five

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Material: Crystal Glass
Technique: Pate de Verre
Size: 5.9W x 2.6D x 5.9H inches (each)
Limited Edition: 3,800 (Worldwide)
Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Design Description:

Five elements: Wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

Five directions: Dragon of the East, Tiger of the West, Phoenix of the South, Xuanwu of the North, and Qilin of the Center.

Azure Dragon represents the element wood, the eastern direction, the spring season, and the ability to readily grasp the overall situation.

White Tiger represents the element gold, the western direction, and autumn. This mythical creature also functions as a virtuous god of war who supports the righteous and punishes the wicked, and who bestows a variety of blessings, including safety, wealth, and conjugal bliss.

Vermillion Bird represents the element fire, the southern direction, and summer, and is popularly associated with Fenghuang (Phoenix), which was born in a south-facing valley at the South Pole, and symbolizes talent and lofty aspirations. Vermillion Bird is said to bring peace, progeny, and prosperity.

Black Tortoise is a mythical figure consisting of a turtle entwined by a serpent. Also known as Black Warrior, this auspicious creature represents the element water, the northern direction, winter, health, and longevity.

The Qilin represents the element earth and the central position, and is frequently depicted in yellow; hence it is also known as the Golden Qilin. The lifespan of this mythical creature is said to be two thousand years. The male is called qi, and the female lin; both are a composite of a deer, horse, cow, and fish. The Qilin is noted for its gentle disposition, and is so benevolent that it carefully avoids treading on greenery of any kind. A traditional symbol of prosperity, the Qilin is said to bring bumper crops and progeny.

五行,金、木、水、火、土, 是萬物生成根本, 天地宇宙,依此相生相衍,相輔相成。

五方,東、南、西、北、中,空間與時間的結合, 順應天地四時的循環往復。

青龍, 五行屬木,代表東方的靈獸,為青色的龍,代表的季節是春季。東方為青色,因而給東方的龍稱之為青龍。東方也是太陽升起之處,象徵青雲直上, 步步高昇,及握天下之大局之意。

白虎,五行為金, 代表西方的靈獸,形象是一隻白色的虎,對應的季節為秋季。白虎是司掌兵戈的戰神,具有避邪、禳災、祈豐及懲惡揚善、發財致富、喜結良緣等祝福 。

朱雀, 五行屬火, 代表南方的神獸,代表的顏色是紅色,代表的季節是夏季。《山海經》云:『鳳凰生於南極之丹穴』,丹穴是丹山、為朝陽之谷,鳳凰生於丹山,故名丹鳳,因此為丹鳳朝陽,喻為高而志遠,也可以比喻高才逢良時。見到牠大吉大利、地方安寧、子孫盛昌,而朱既是朱紅色、方位對應南方,代表喜慶吉利。

玄武,玄武是一種由龜和蛇組合成的一種靈物,又可稱龍龜或龜蛇,五行屬水, 代表北方的靈獸,形象是黑色,代表季節是冬季,為祥瑞與健康長壽的象徵。

麒麟, 五行屬土, 方位對應中央、麒麟屬黃,亦稱黃金麒麟。麒麟是中國古代神話傳說中的神獸,據說能活兩千年。雄的名麒,雌的名麟,合稱麒麟,集結鹿、馬、牛、魚等吉祥動物美好象徵於一身,性情溫和,不傷人畜,不踐踏花草,故稱為仁獸,麒麟使天地年年五穀豐收;又麒麟送子,代表代代興旺。

Five Elements, Five Directions - Guardian of harmony

Associated with the four quadrants of the vault of heaven are the Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermillion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Tortoise of the North; in the center is the Qilin (unicorn).

Each region corresponds to one of the five elements: metal (west), wood (east), water (north), fire (south), and earth (center).

Moving across the night sky, the stars connect all life to the five elements. When the universe and elements are aligned, harmony ensues.

When we understand our connection to others and our place in the universe, peace and harmony fill our lives.

心之所向,明日所在- 和諧美好的祝福



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