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Tableware, Tea Set, Bone China, The Wellspring Teapot

Tableware, Tea Set, Bone China, The Wellspring Teapot

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  • Material: Bone China, Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pressed
  • Size: Packaging Box W 7.87" x D 7.87" x H 4" inches
  • Limited Edition: Unlimited
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  VTC155.BAXAZ

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Design Concept:

One teapot, two tea cups. The design draws inspiration from ancient Chinese interpretations of square and round concepts. The concept of a universe with a round sky and a square earth is embodied in this small vessel. The special Chinese notion of harmonious coexistence between heaven and humanity permeates the entire design. The raised relief of a mythical dragon showcases its divine form, while its posture symbolizes protection. The red glass bead, resembling a precious treasure, carries auspicious symbolism as a guardian pearl of the dragon. The body of the teapot features a repeating pattern reminiscent of ancient looping designs, representing continuous growth and vitality. The teacup's base is adorned with a relief of auspicious clouds, adding a touch of unique Eastern aesthetic beauty.

“源源小壺”取中國古代對於方圓的詮釋。天圓地方的寰宇概念,在小小的器皿身上體現;特殊的中國式的天人和諧的觀念貫穿設計始末。螭龍浮雕神形兼備,回勢呈守護狀,紅色琉璃珠如珍寶,有祥龍護珠的吉祥寓意。 壺身是古代回紋的圖形,有生生不息的特徵,茶杯杯底為祥雲浮雕,具東方獨特美感。

Little Teapot——The Wellspring Teapot

It is your deepest convictions
That you must guard.
A bottomless wellspring,
Is perpetual,
Is without a beginning nor an end.