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Wine Goblet, Bordeaux Glass, Moon Shadows (Set of 2)

Wine Goblet, Bordeaux Glass, Moon Shadows (Set of 2)

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  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pressed
  • Size:
  • Limited Edition: Unlimited
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  VTG001.ATNAA

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Design Concept:

The "Moon Shadow" red wine glass, featuring intricate designs inspired by the ancient Yin-Shang bronze ritual vessels. The mysterious Taotie motifs represent nobility and power, while the sleek and minimalist lines bear a resemblance to the Art Deco style of Western design. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, the upward arch of the stem consists of four components, including the Taotie motifs, a chrysanthemum orb, and a circular disk. In fact, a total of ten perfectly leveled planes are required to shape the glass by hand. The wide bowl is round and full, showcasing the Eastern appreciation for grandeur, and the thicker 1.2-1.5mm glass walls create a clear and melodic clinking sound when toasting. This resonant echo, like the music of an instrument, lingers long after the toast, carrying your blessings through time.

「月影搖」紅酒杯。杯腳紋飾,源自殷商青銅彜器上的饕餮紋與夔龍紋,這兩款圖紋造型神秘,代表了尊貴與王權。而它的線條流暢極簡,甚至與千年後西方的art deco風格有幾分神似。在制作工藝上,節節向上的杯腳由四個部件組成:夔龍紋,饕餮紋,菊仙球及圓型片,連杯身一共是五個組件。試著想像一下,這意味著,在手工成型時,有共計十個平面需要絕對水平!杯身格外飽滿,圓融,除了呈現東方人飲酒的豪氣之外,1.2~1.5mm的杯壁厚度,經過測試,比普通的薄杯身,更能引發清澈連綿的碰杯聲。這個沁人的回響,如同樂器的奏鳴,長久縈繞,如同碰杯時的祝福,生生不息。

Moon Shadows - Bordeaux Glass

Wavering shadows through coursing wine,
Taking a dance through the moon and stars.
Kindred spirits, a full cup,
A reflection of China.

月影搖 - 紅/白葡萄酒酒杯