Current Promotion

    A Perfect Match - You and Me
    True Friendship

    Thank To Heavens
    Be Grateful

    Free Mind
    Happiness come from worry-free

    The Proof of Awareness
    Flower Collection (Epiphany)

    Chinese Zodiac, Animals In Bright Florals
    Zodiac (Chinese Astrology)

    The Power of Golden Vitality
    Elephant collection

    A Treasure For All Generations
    - Ding, Ancient tripod, Ceremonial Vessel

    Arising From The East
    Dragon collection

    As The Good World Turns
    Ruyi: Good Luck, Fortune, Wealth.
    One Turn, Turns Everything Around for the Better.

    Love All Around
    All About Loves

    Dragon On The Heavenly Shore
    - Soaring, on the highest mount of life

    2014 Year of the Horse collection.

    Believe and You Shall See
    This is the biggest challenge in the art of pâte de verre (lost-wax casting) since the beginning of LLGF, also making in the last 150 years of LIULI history.

    Embrace The World
    Heritage - Ancient Chinese Emperor Throne

    The Beauty Of Tang Dynasty
    Symbolic of Strong Woman

    More collections coming soon.