New Arrival:

    Dragon On The Heavenly Shore
    - Soaring, on the highest mount of life

    2014 Year of the Horse collection

    Arising From The East
    Dragon collection

    Free Mind
    Happiness come from worry-free

    The Proof of Awareness
    Flower Collection (Epiphany)

    Chinese Zodiac, Animals In Bright Florals
    Zodiac (Chinese Astrology)

    The Power of Golden Vitality
    Elephant collection

    A Perfect Match - You and Me
    True Friendship



    A Treasure For All Generations
    - Ding, Ancient tripod, Ceremonial Vessel

    Feng Shui (Auspicious Symbols)
    Good Luck, Fortune, Wealth.
    One Turn, Turns Everything Around for the Better.

    Love All Around
    All About Loves

    Thank To Heavens
    Be Grateful

    Believe and You Shall See
    This is the biggest challenge in the art of pâte de verre (lost-wax casting) since the beginning of LLGF, also making in the last 150 years of LIULI history.

    Embrace The World
    Heritage - Ancient Chinese Emperor Throne

    The Beauty Of Tang Dynasty
    Symbolic of Strong Woman

    More collections coming soon.