Recap: LIULI Art Exhibition 2019 - Goodbye Movies, Hello Liuli

LIULI Art Exhibit of Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi
ttracts more than 100,000 visitors in 10 Days!

From May 2 to 13, LIULI art exhibition “Goodbye Movies, Hello Liuli“ features the work of contemporary liuli art founders and pioneers Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi. These artists have exhibited their work in such prestigious institutions as The Palace Museum in Beijing, Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the National Museum of Women in the Arts in D.C.. Delivered to Great Love is a featured piece in the exhibit and the embodiment of this sentiment. Liuli petals, when looked at individually, hold little significance. But when clustered together, these petals manifest a symbiotic relationship to create a single large and flawless flower. A harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship does not focus on the self but on the greater good of everyone involved. Standing 70 inches height and coming in at 1.2 tons, it was completed earlier this year. The base shows a segmented face with a single compassionate eye lowered in contemplation; the upper features liuli pillars of light supporting a burst of blooming camellias.


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