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Liuli Crystal Art
Liuli Crystal Art
Liuli Crystal Art

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collection and gift recommendation

Collection & Gift Recommendation

We could help you know more about LIULI’s brand story, explore personal collection plans, and gifting suggestions that speaks for your heart.

Corporate Gift Custom Design

Corporate Gift & Custom Design

Explore corporate gifts or custom design opportunities for special events, year-end gifts, corporate VIPs, employee appreciations, and more.

Customer Service and beyond

Customer Service & Beyond

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Whether it’s gifting or personal collections, art connects us in different ways. We will help you find the perfect selection that you resonate with.

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LIULI is crystal art

More than a material or creative medium, LIULI is the embodiment of culture, spirit, life, philosophy, and passion.

Founded in 1987 by renowned glass artists Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi, LIULI has grown from a modest workshop in Taiwan to become Asia’s leading brand of crystal art. Liuli is a Chinese term from the Han Dynasty for glass art, and was chosen to honor the richness of Chinese heritage and culture. Records show that artisans of the Han Dynasty were highly skilled in lost-wax casting (pâte de verre) but the craft was subsequently lost and forgotten. Yang and Chang revived the craft and reintroduced it to the international arena.