LIULI's Work Acquired by World-class Museums

Chinese history and Eastern philosophies, carrying that spirit into their works then inspired exhibits and permanent collections.

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LIULI China Museum, Shanghai

Asia's first all-encompassing liuli art museum is located in a full of modernity city – Shanghai . The peony flower created from construction materials blooms. In the day it is an elegant work, at night it transforms into an architecture bursting with vibrant color.

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The Largest LIULI Artwork Tribute to China

Against a coastal skyline, a liuli camellia flower has installed in Qingdao, China! Loretta H. Yang, our founding artist, was bringing the artistic spirit of over two millennia of history back into the city, adding to the city’s resplendence always...

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Business & Corporate Co-branding Gift

A  unique corporate giveaway is always the best method to show your leading position and sincere, LIULI Crystal Art intent is to be a partnership to provide the exclusive handmade gifting, be personalized with company identity and business message...

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The Creation Process of LIULI

"To Continuously Create Art for the Good of the Heart"

Exclusive 12-steps Glass Art Process by LIULI Crystal Art: Pâte-de-verre is one of many techniques used in creating glass-art that LIULI revived the lost-art in 1987 also expanding the creative realm consistently...

Explore the unique creation process of 12-steps Pate-de-verre

Know More About Our Founding Artist Loretta H. Yang

Loretta H. Yang is the pioneering artist behind contemporary liuli glass. She has devoted her life to the art of glass-art for closing to three decades and in the process has revived the ancient Chinese technique of glass casting and instigated the contemporary artsy movement in Asia…

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