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Cloudy Peak Alight

Upward Life Strength

The magnificent hibiscus symbolizes this positive, light-seeking spirit. Imagine walking through a world of enchanting mist and waterfalls, where giant hibiscus flowers sway gently in the wind. Embracing the sunlight, they transform its intensity into a nurturing energy.

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Peach Blossom Spring

Narcissus flower is a stunning celebration of spring. Contrasting textures, traditional Chinese ink wash painting and mesmerizing colors create an unexpected depth that brings to life the age old art form in three dimensions! As you take it all in, be sure to listen for the orchestra of sounds and movements as this piece appears like it's dancing with each passing gust of wind – reminding us that just like art itself we should enjoy every season no matter how fleeting.


World of Beautiful Compassion

The magnolia flower is a symbol of love, harmony and fulfillment - representing families' appreciation for each other during the arrival of spring. This beautiful crystal artwork captures this spirit with its sculpted roundness that reflects good vibes alongside the large polished surface to represent an illuminated moon. Every intricate detail – from powdered pigments to create realistic effects on petals; then fired together with its classic vase form– make it even more special as if reminding us all that we belong in one harmonious world.


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Through the pâte de verre (lost wax casting), LIULI artists are given a unique opportunity to express their creativity with intricate detail. This process can be traced back over two thousand years ago in China during the Han dynasty and then was re-introduced in 1987 by LIULI. It is an impressive 12 step journey of precision where even minor imperfections could lead to cracks or impurities – requiring fierce attention from start to finish.

Liuli Bloomingdales Gallery


Founded in 1987 by renowned glass artists Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi, LIULI has grown from a modest workshop in Taiwan to become Asia’s leading brand of crystal art. Liuli is a Chinese term from the Han Dynasty for glass art, and was chosen to honor the richness of Chinese heritage and culture.

Records show that artisans of the Han Dynasty were highly skilled in lost-wax casting (pâte de verre) but the craft was subsequently lost and forgotten. Yang and Chang revived the craft and reintroduced it to the international arena. READ MORE

One of the main techniques used by LIULI in producing glass is known as pâte de verre (lost-wax casting). The advantage of this technique is that it allows for the inclusion of minute details in the final artworks and expands possibilities for the artist’s unique expressions. The procedure consists of the twelve steps process. READ MORE

LIULI is the embodiment of culture, spirit, life, philosophy, and passion. Each one-of-a-kind creation has its own story. Each piece of LIULI artwork comes with a dedicated poem, telling its unique story, imparting a blessing, inspiring conversation, and connecting the viewer with the heart of the artist. LIULI is commited to create a limited number of pieces, so as to foster an environment where our artists are constantly engaged in the creation process and stay relevant to the society we care about. READ MORE

Color is a creative expression of the artist. Most LIULI creations are infused with color, so as to create a vivid and elegant experience of joy, love, and benevolence, thereby generating a positive energy which helps to release tension and stress.

Some pieces are completely free of all color, an expression of purity and peace of mind. As a creative medium, colorless glass has the capacity to draw in ambient light, reflecting the philosophy of mutability and constant change. NEW ARRIVAL