Collection: Arising from the East

Official Introduction: Arising from the East  |  龍出東方
YouTube Video: Arising from the East
Featured Artwork of Limited Edition of 12 pieces: An Overwhelming Force from the East

Without a doubt one of Far Eastern culture’s most highly respected and venerated creatures, the dragon stands at the helm of art and literature.  It is depicted as a symbol for divinity as well as an allegory for the elements of the natural world and universe.  Although objectively a mythical creature of fantasy and imagination, the dragon possesses a spirit that is an unequivocal truth in the hearts of millions of people. In LIULI’s take on the divine being, the dynamism of that spirit is revealed in the unique form and composition of each glasswork.  Some are seen perched on a glass-abstracted slab of earth, while others are sculpted to emerge from an awe-striking tidal wave; many are fired with layered colors resembling traditional Chinese ink-wash painting.  Representing ultimate imperial authority and might, symbolizing a universal divinity, this dragon artwork collection rendered in immaculate crystal glass reveals the true spirit of a long-venerated creature that lies at the heart of culture and heritage.

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57 results