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Exultation of Heaven and Earth Ding (Nobility) - Dragon Vessel, Crystal Chinese Ding

Exultation of Heaven and Earth Ding (Nobility) - Dragon Vessel, Crystal Chinese Ding

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  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Size: 14.2*40.8*32.5 cm
  • Limited Edition: 200 Pieces Worldwide
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  PCC068.ADACA

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Design Concept:

The twin dragon motif symbolizes reverence for the heavens and earth. The tripod feet are transformed into modern cubic shapes, filled with powdered material and adorned with lifelike glass patterns, showcasing an unceasing vitality. Through polishing, there's a visual contrast between tradition and modernity, resembling a lively symphony of life. The decorative patterns on the double ears of the tripod are inspired by the bronze figures found on the lower right side of the Chime of Marquis Yi from the Zenghouyi Tomb. The dragons coil in an S-shape, their bodies round and plump, with the twin dragons facing each other at the top, their claws gripping the rim of the tripod as they lift their heads upwards. In this series, each pair of double ears on the tripod exhibits unique characteristics. Among them, the patterns on the ears of the Ascending Heaven and Earth tripod are the most intricate. The posture of the ancient people holding the tripod in their hands during sacrificial rituals is transformed into the form of twin dragons. The dragons' bodies are densely adorned with intricate patterns, solemn and magnificent, with subtle variations in different areas. The tripod feet are simplified into square bases filled with powdered material and fired. After polishing, the rising glass patterns and dense bubbles create a dynamic, ever-flowing rhythm of life. The twin dragon motif expresses reverence for the heavens and earth. With four dragons supporting it, it signifies protection, while the inner wall of the tripod is inscribed with the words "For the Eternal Treasure of Descendants," adorned with gold foil, conveying blessings for future generations.


Exultation of Heaven and Earth Ding

A pair of hands
Transforms into a pair of dragons.
In ascent,
They soar
With the heavens
To honor
Everlasting success
Upon a foundation of promoting the self as well as others.