LIULI China Museum of Glass - Shanghai, China


1F, No.25, Taikang Rd, Luwan, Shanghai, China
T 86-21-64672268


Asia's first all-encompassing liuli art museum

5,025 petals, all handmade, weighted 1.5 tons, 54 inches wide, 3 months of installation.

Tranquil flower by day, gorgeous flower by night. 

 Founded by liuli artists Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi, LIULI CHINA MUSEUM is Asia’s first all-encompassing liuli art museum. It is a unique visual arts retreat, a facility for research and knowledge and a sensory habitat that embraces the beauty of liuli art.

The peony flower sculpted from delicate metal wires looks fashionably modern but maintains the taste of its traditional elements at the same time. Under the element of light, the peony petals bloom delicately as the metal wires intercepts seamlessly. This work of art showcases visual attractiveness and sets one into thinking, combining our environment with art.

Shanghai –a bustling urban city full of creativity and modernity,The peony flower created from construction materials blooms, In the day it is an elegant work of art, at night it transforms into an architecture bursting with vibrant color.

The museum holds over 260 pieces of liuli artifacts, some of which date back to the Warring States period. The contemporary collection includes works from renowned international and local artists. Among them is Loretta H. Yang’s pièce de resistance Guanyin of a Thousand Eyes and Arms, a large scale Buddhist sculpture inspired by a turn of the century mural from the Mogao Caves of Dunhuang.

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