Garden Show 2017 - Of Dreams and Gardens 0

Of Dreams and Garden

Of dreams and gardens.
Of fantasy and poetry.

The hydrangea's light.
Its radiant beam.

Light stretches.
Fantasy forms.


Event: Spring Garden Show
DATE: April 27 - 30, 2017
Venue: South Coast Plaza, Crate and Barrel Wing


Of Dreams and Gardens

LIULI – Limitless imagination in a limited space

What we hope for is a breakthrough – one that takes the concept of “light” to a new level.

Twilight; dwindling light.  The soft sounds of running water entices you to open that door.  A garden of imagination reveals itself.

Hydrangeas carpet a lush garden bed, their radiance like starlight.  They bloom endlessly, their intoxicating fragrances inviting the frou-frou of skirts.

Light fulfills vitality.  The gardens’ stones emerge from the land’s spirit, one by one complimenting the personalities of each flower blossom while protecting your dreams.  The ancient and revered lotus flower, itself a mystery, echoes the brilliance of life and creation.

A harlequin bar, lantern-chairs, and wine glasses come together to imitate that fleeting moment of caprice in between just-awoken and deep dreaming.

Peony transforms into a screen.  The screen calls to the vivaciousness of Spring.  The spring day beckons you to stay…..

Here, all these elements, within the illusion of a space limited, lend themselves to limitless imagination.  In that blasé spring evening, is it you who comes into the light?  Or is it the light that gives you a dream?


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Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi with Pacific Symphony 0

Elegant festivities usher in the year and benefits local art & education
Special guests of honor Loretta H. Yang & Chang Yi

Last Saturday, LIULI sculptures illuminated Segerstrom Concert Hall—South Coast Plaza—as art, dance, and music came together in a stunning act of welcoming in the New Year.

For the second year in a row, we have had the immense pleasure of celebrating the Lunar New Year with Pacific Symphony Orchestra.  This year’s celebration was even more exceptional, since LIULI founders Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi attended as the event’s special guests of honor.

Being a crucial fundraiser in keeping the community’s arts thriving, the evening-long celebration was interspersed by the occasional words of inspiration from our two artists and board member Charles Zhang.

We are thrilled to welcome in the New Year with such resounding sentiments of encouragement to the community.  Art and education keeps people alive and thriving.  We hope that the Year of the Rooster does the same for you.

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Exhibit and Family Day at South Coast Plaza 0

Next Family Day at Nov 5th, 2016.

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We have an ongoing exhibit currently at Carousel Court on the second floor in South Coast Plaza and the first few days were a huge hit.

We want to give a big shout out to all the friends and families that stopped by, thank you for your support!  If you haven’t already, stop by before the New Dragon Horse exhibit closes on November 6!

Last Saturday was another first for us with the introduction of our Family Day event.  Children had the unique experience of seeing what it was like to be a liuli artist, painting the heritage of the craft in vivid colors and their own imaginations.  To top it all, participants received a special gift for attending the event!

Our second family day event is set for this coming Saturday, November 5th from 2 – 5p.m.  Bring your kids by to see what the hype is all about!

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Unstoppable Faith: New Era of the Dragon Horse and It's Special Exhibition 0

LIULI Gallery South Coast Plaza introduces winter collection: “Unstoppable Faith: New Era of the Dragon Horse” and its special exhibition.

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October 28, 2016 marks the launch of LIULI’s winter collection "Unstoppable Faith: New Era of the Dragon Horse" at South Coast Plaza. It kicks off a 10-day exhibition at Carousel Court Level 2 till November 6. Patrons will see selections of LIULI’s most prominent horse and dragon designs from previous years to the latest collection as well as two special-edition center pieces: a striking statue of the renowned Chinese hero Lord Guan Yu astride his legendary horse, which is the only piece that comes in a unique color and gold-gilded; also, an imposing dragon poised on a cloud, which is the largest dragon design by LIULI and the last of twelve limited pieces.

The concept of "dragon horse spirit" will be showcased on how the dragon and the horse are tightly intertwined in the Chinese tradition. Inhabiting the heavens, the dragon is synonymous to the Chinese Emperor and culmination of all things that breathe. Closer to our own realm, the horse is a king among the beasts of the earth. The dragon and the horse are swift and unerringly graceful, symbols of exalted power and royal authority. They are the symbolisms to maneuver through uncertain times and maintain unstoppable faith in the Chinese culture. LIULI’s design lives up to this faith: challenge yourself; create designs good for the human heart and soul.

The dragon has evolved throughout the years.  For the Chinese people, this mythical creature has penetrated the furthest depths of our imagination and come to symbolize authority, determination and passion.  The LIULI dragon is at all times the manifestation of strength through the contemporary medium of liuli.


Odyssey Across Heaven and Earth
A universe of blue; heaven, earth, mountain and stream.
An uninhibited odyssey, a flight of freedom.
It comes from ancient times, it comes from the Han and Tang;
it is ultimately, the glory of our past and future.

What is the horse of the Chinese psyche?  Is it the blood-sweating heavenly horse of legend or is the dignified ink and wash horse of painter Xu Beihong?  For LIULI, the stance of a horse in gallop recalls the steeds found on ancient murals and stone engravings. In this collection, the technique of new liuli composites and color showcase a breakthrough in the craftsmanship. Retaining the transparency of the inner space, a precise composition of 7 to 8 hues of red is used to create this “blood-sweating heavenly horse” which Emperor Wu of Han had dreamt of.

From October 28 to November 6, privileges will apply to selected artworks. Collectors will receive a complimentary rabbit-design stamp “Reunion Under a Full Moon”, for every purchase of $560, limited to 3 pieces in a single transaction. In addition, we have special family day events on Saturdays during the exhibition period.

Winter collection special promotion:
Enjoy a special price on select artworks and receive Reunion Under a Full Moon bunny design stamp with purchase of $560 from 10/28 to 11/06/2016. Limited to 3 gifts per transaction while stocks last.

Term & conditions:
Winter collection promotion cannot be combined with VIP discounts, birthday discounts or any cash vouchers.
Promotion redeemable for a limited time in-store and online only at through November 6, 2016.

Name of Exhibition: 2016 Winter Collection "Unstoppable Faith: New Era of the Dragon Horse" special exhibition
Date: 10/28-11/06/2016
Location: 2nd floor of Carousel Court in South Coast Plaza
Contact: 714.436.8888 or

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Sneak Peek for the Upcoming New Era of the Dragon Horse 0

Manuscripts for the Upcoming 2016 New Ara of the Dragon Horse Collection

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For every little achievement we accomplish there is a moment of victory and strength. In ancient Chinese culture, that spirit is represented by the Dragon and Horse, a symbol of unstoppable faith in yourself.

This winter season, we bring you a new art collection of mighty dragons and horses, unyielding in their spirit and grace. Titled “Unstoppable Faith – New Era of the Dragon Horse,” this new collection features dazzling pieces like “The Vast Sky” with its layered crimsons and dynamic expression.

For 10 days, LIULI will hold a special Dragon Horse exhibit on the second floor of Carousel Court. Stop by for specials and gifts during the exhibition from October 28 – November 6!

Exhibition Location:

South Coast Plaza
Level 2, Carousel Court
3333 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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