Committing to Beautiful & Healthy Oceans

Committing to Beautiful & Healthy Oceans

LIULI x Oceana 2019

Oceana’s annual Sea Change summer party on the 7th of September was celebrated brilliantly, populated with beautiful people and art.  LIULI donated a symbolic crystal piece “Rising New Era” that demonstrate our commitment to join the force of protecting the world’s oceans. In the artwork design, the power of eight sides come together as one in the breaking dawn. Boundless energy rising, this is the beginning of a new era.

Nine fish are depicted in various formations as they swim upward as one, and the open circle in the base symbolizes the blessing of an inextinguishable life force. LIULI Crystal Art is committed to “continuously create art for the good of the heart,” and shares the vision with Oceana to protect the world’s oceans.

This year’s benefit focused on the plague of ocean plastic pollution, addressing the enormous problem of single-use plastic pollution. Guests were reminded that 90 percent of all the plastic ever made has not been recycled, and that plastic production is expected to quadruple by 2050. Plastic plagues our blue planet and there is no one who is more capable of preventing the epidemic other than ourselves.

Environmental activist and public figure Alexandra Cousteau commiserates, “I no longer recognize the seas of my youth when I dive because there is so much plastic.”  But that night, Oceana CEO Andy Sharpless led the audiences to a new hope, stating that they will “win national laws mandating major reductions in throwaway plastics.”

This year, we step forward to extend our own commitment to ocean cleanup.  We are focusing on the little things—starting from the weekly shopping bags and plastic utensils dining out.  There is just too much beauty at stake that even artists such as us immediately see.

A responsible caretaker of the world and its beauty begins with this, we believe:  reusing what we have, and revisiting the beauty that’s within us. We thank our friends at Oceana for inspiring us to “Sea Change.”


Oceana's SeaChange Summer Party


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