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Crystal Treasure Vase, Feng Shui, Dragon of Water Element, Dragon Rising Baoping

Crystal Treasure Vase, Feng Shui, Dragon of Water Element, Dragon Rising Baoping

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  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Size: 23.62L x 8.66D x 25.98H inches
  • Limited Edition: 250 pieces (Worldwide)
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  PCA036.ADAEB

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Design Concept:

Perhaps the most exquisitely balanced piece of the collection is the “Dragon Rising Baoping” (treasure vase). With arduously achieved asymmetry and a gorgeous flowing movement, this crystal glass artwork perfectly exemplifies the “water element” dragon it depicts. Like the tide ebbing and flowing or the river coursing and resting, the piece’s dynamic dragon moves in and out of the design, emerging righteously. LIULI artists decorate the uniquely shaped mouth-blown crystal vase using sheets with glimmering patterns of gold leaf. Being the first of its kind anywhere, no other artwork in the world took the same kind of technical prowess as this collection. Rooted in deep tradition and cultural symbolism, this contemporary piece is benevolent, kind, ascending, and powerful all at once.


也許這個系列中最精緻平衡的作品是 "神龍出岫寶瓶"。這件水晶玻璃藝術品以其艱鉅的不對稱性和華麗的流動運動,完美地體現了它所描繪的 "水元素 "龍。就像潮水的退潮和流動,或者河流的流淌和靜止,作品中動態的龍在設計中進進出出,正大光明地出現。 LIULI的藝術家們用帶有閃亮的金箔圖案的板材來裝飾這個形狀獨特的口吹水晶瓶。作為同類作品中的第一件,世界上沒有任何一件藝術品能像這個系列一樣具有如此高的技術實力。根植於深厚的傳統和文化象徵意義,這件當代作品同時具有仁慈、善良、昇華和力量。

Dragon Rising Baoping

Contained within this baoping, treasure bottle,
Is the vastness of the universe,
The eight summits of the land,
The resplendence of the sun, moon and stars.
Suddenly, in an
Earth-shattering moment,
The dragon rises from the mountain
Into the expansive sky.
The world is at peace.