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Dragon Sculpture, Rising Swell

Dragon Sculpture, Rising Swell

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  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Size: W 12.91” x D 7.87” x H 13.8” inches
  • Limited Edition: 228 pieces (Worldwide)
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  PEA138.ADACA

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Design Concept:

The dragon winds and spirals upward, making it the longest dragon figure in the series of the Dragon Year artworks. This creation emphasizes the element of water, dedicating refined craftsmanship to the glass dragon. Within the sculpture, one can perceive that "supreme good is like water." Subtly incorporated into the background (base), the dragon, as the main subject, is accentuated, displaying the majestic demeanor of a divine dragon, embodying benevolence and grandeur. In the principles of Feng Shui, water is held in the highest regard, followed by the harnessing of wind. All living things are inseparable from water. The ancients believed that water is the source of all convergence; humans are born from water, and water determines one's constitution and character. Due to water's significant impact on life, Feng Shui greatly emphasizes it. Regarding rivers as water dragons, it's said that water can gather energy (Qi氣). Once one attains this Qi, vitality is achieved, leading to prosperity and success.


龍身蟠繞,順勢而上,是龍年系列作品中龍身最長的一件由龍行踏浪遐想日出江海,畫外之意的無盡天地,象徵典藏者非同凡響的精神世界;此創作強調水的元素,精煉奉獻琉璃之龍,在雕塑中可以看見,上善若水,隱於背景(底座),突出龍作爲主體,得以呈現神龍之姿,仁心威儀。風水之法,得水爲上,藏風次之, 萬物的生長都離不開水。古人認爲,水是萬匯之根源,人由水生,水决定人的體質和品性。正因爲水對人們的生活有很大的影響,所以風水重視水,以江河爲水龍,說水能聚氣,人一旦得氣就獲得了生機,就會興旺發達。

True Believer - Rising Swell

Awaken heaven and earth
and cleanse the breath
to balance out the six qi.
Rise from the east,
traverse the nine provinces,
with a rising swell
the dragon has arrived.