LIULI Kid’s Workshop

LIULI Kid’s Workshop

 Unveiling Final Little Masterpieces by Our Youth Artist!

 In May of this year we hosted a beautiful event inviting the local youth of Orange County to learn the tradition of Pâte de Verre and sculpt something from their imagination.

Crystal sculpting is a long process, but the patience pays off.  Now… the kids’ works have been fired, re-fired, polished, and are finally returning to us.

This is one of our favorite events: Imparting tradition, sharing the craft of beauty, and passing heritage from skilled hand… to the future’s hope.  We have posted a photo gallery online displaying the masterpieces of the young virtuosos.  Check them out and follow us on social media to get updates on more coming exhibits and events!

LIULI Kid's Workshop 2019
Unveiling the Final Works



Art Education for Next Generations

In conjunction to the exhibit, LIULI Kids Workshop run for children between age 7-12 on May 4 and May 11. These hands-on workshops introduce the next generation to liuli art and culture. All participants create their own pate de verre design from clay molding and sculpturing during the workshop, and their clay prototypes will then be turned into liuli art and exhibited at LIULI Gallery at South Coast Plaza to ring in the 2019 holiday season.

Leading the workshop are Liuligongfang’s very own team of designers and artisans. They teach the children how to harness their powers of observation to draft, sculpt, conceptualize and apply color. Liuligongfang hopes that through this workshop, kids will gain an appreciation for creating something with their own hands and build upon their self-confidence. This creative experience will demystify contemporary glass art, provide cultural exposure and create an exchange between Eastern and Western cultures.

LIULI Kid's Workshop 2019
Event Photos


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